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Project Information

The study area for the project is shown below. The study area consists of the high priority watercourses such as the Bridewell River, Bandon River through Bandon Town and the Mill River.  Other medium priority watercourses include the Bandon River outside Bandon town, the Brinny River and the Innishannon River.

All areas potentially prone to flooding from these watercourses were included in the study.

In addition to the above, the Mill Stream and Kilbrittain Stream were added to the scope following the flood event in Bandon Town in June 2012, and representations made at the public exhibition process immediately preceding the flood event.

The Scheme consists of five stage as follows:

Stage 1: Feasibility & Preferred Option Selection
  • Identify and map the existing and potential future flood hazard within the Study Area;
  • Assess and map the existing and potential future flood risk within the Study Area;
  • Identify viable structural and non-structural options and measures for the effective and sustainable management of flood risk in the Bandon Area of Potential Significant Risk (APSR);
  • Prepare a proposed Scheme and other measures for the APSR that sets out the policies, strategies, measures and actions that should be pursued by the relevant bodies, including the OPW, Local Authorities and other Stakeholders, to achieve the most cost-effective and sustainable management of existing and potential future flood risk within the APSR, taking account of environmental plans, objectives and legislative requirements and other statutory plans and requirements.
Stage 2: Environmental Assessment & Planning
  • Bring the preferred Scheme to formal Public Exhibition through the Arterial Drainage Acts or through Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations;
  • The following will apply under the Arterial Drainage Acts:-
  • Ascertain the publicís view of the proposals;
  • Consideration of observations received and the making of possible amendments to the Scheme;
  • Preparation of Exhibition Report, which will form the basis for the next stage.

  • The Scheme received is statutory approval in the form of Ministerial Confirmation in April 2016. Details on the confirmation are available here
Stage 3: Detailed design, tender process & award of construction contract
  • To undertake and complete the detailed design of the final preferred scheme;
  • Prepare the Scheme for Confirmation by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform;
  • Prepare Contract Documents and undertake the procurement of a works contractor to construct the Scheme.
Stage 4: Construction
  • Supervise the construction of the works;
  • Supervise the contract.
Stage 5: Handover
  • Commissioning of the completed works;
  • Preparation of final accounts.
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